Special offers, discounts

Free of charge - early check-in on Monday 

It is possible to make a reservation with guaranteed check in time before 14:00 (from 06:00) if your booked arrival is on Monday.

* Subject to availability; binding upon the hotel (obligatory) on condition that it was guaranteed in the reservation confirmation.  

* This discount does not apply if Monday is a nonworking day (Russia's legal public holiday).

Frequent Guest Card is non-transferable (without a right of giving it to another person)

Regular guests of our hotel have a 10% Frequent Guest Card discount throughout the year including the high season.

* Our discount card is given after your first check-in, 10% discount is active from the next check-in. (*There has to be 24 hours interval between the first three stays)

* Our discount card is given after your first 7-day or longer living in our hotel, 10% discount is active from the next check-in.

* Our discount card is valid only when booking a room directly through our hotel booking center.  

* Simultaneously only one discount can be applied (imposing of discounts is excluded). 

Book under promo rate

Half board and full board tariff

It includes not only breakfast but also dinner (this service must be previously ordered at the reception).

Lunch costs 350 Roubles (in addition to room price)

Anytime you can visit our café independently (without previous booking) and choose anything on your taste through the open café menu. The payment is possible both in café and at the reception in the hotel.

Cafe "Nevsky Dvor" website section

Throughout the year discounts:

  • Children under 12 years - free of charge (one child in the room); only the breakfast is paid - optional.        
  • 10th day of your accommodation in our hotel is free* (imposing of discounts is excluded).
*Valid for the Guests staying in our hotel for the first time only. Starting from the 11th day of your accommodation a 10% discount is valid for the rest of your stay.

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