Visa support


Visa Support Letter does not substitute the Russian Visa, which is expected to be obtained from the Russian Consulate.

Visa Support Letter does not guarantee issuing Entry Visa as some certain restrictions are believed to be applied by the Russian Consulate.

Our hotel's strong recommendation to prepare your Invitation/Visa Support document is -

On this website you can issue the Visa Support/Invitation Letter online without the necessity to send Your personal information through e-mail.

If any problems while issuing Visa Support documents trough this website will appear, you still can get in touch with our hotel directly.

Visa Support Letter through our hotel is arranged in accordance with a reservation request and encompasses the accommodation dates only.

Visa Support Letter (Invitation/Voucher) is being prepared for each person obtaining visa individually.

We provide Visa Support only upon prepayment (supposed only for this service) – 850 RUR per voucher for one person.

Visa support letter requires the following details to be provided: 

  • The first name, the last name
  • Arrival date
  • Departure date
  • Confirmation number
  • Citizenship
  • Passport details
  • Date of Birth
  • Credit card number +
  • Fax number /email
  • Client's signature on the reservation form sent by fax /email

You can either e-mail a copy of the completed form (scanned, with a signature) to the hotel at or you may fax it to the hotel at: +7 812 713-35-96 (575-60-23; 575-56-87).

 Download the "Visa Support Request" form. 

Please, fill in the "Visa Support Request" form patiently in block letters in order to avoid the mistakes (there could be different variants of reading). Thank you.

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